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Unified Threat Management: All-In-One Cybersecurity Protection

by Erik Briceno

With potential cybersecurity threats increasing constantly, it’s more essential than ever to protect your business with an internet security system. But making sure you’ve covered all the bases can be difficult.

That’s where a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system comes in. A UTM allows you to integrate key elements of network security into one comprehensive package. This means your business can combine mission-critical security features — such as intrusion detection and prevention, VPN, firewalling, content filtering and anti-phishing/anti-malware filtering — into a single solution designed for small and medium-sized organizations.

“The driving force behind UTM is the need to simplify the environment,” said security analyst Mike Rothman. “Corporations have ended up with all these boxes — firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-spam, antivirus, etc. — each of which requires its own maintenance, updates, logs and so forth. UTM puts them all in a single box.”

UTM Security to Fit Every Need

A UTM lets you combine the utility of network firewall security with other guards against unauthorized network traffic, plus you can add filters and network maintenance tools, such as anti-virus programs.

That means you won’t need on-premises network security appliances, but you’ll still have centralized control for building in-depth network security defense.

You’ll even have protection against combined security threats, including malware and attacks that simultaneously target separate parts of your network. Preventing these types of attacks can be difficult when using separate tools for each task. By creating a single point of defense and providing a single console, UTM solutions make dealing with varied threats much easier.

This applies to companies of all sizes because cyberthreats can affect any business. In fact, nearly half of small businesses suffered a cyberattack in the past year — and nearly two-thirds of them failed to act following a cybersecurity incident. A UTM can help you protect your businesses’ vital data and avoid falling victim to cybercrime.

UTM Features Ensure All-Inclusive Protection

A top-quality UTM – such as that provided via a Meraki Advanced Security License – includes a comprehensive package of security features that will protect your network from virtually any electronic attack.

  1. Firewall: A UTM provides complete control over the users, content and applications on your network, including anti-virus and anti-phishing
  2. Malware: A UTM incorporates essential malware protection solutions, including global threat protection combined with extensive visibility during and after a malware attack.
  3. Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention: A UTM offers the latest tools to prevent security intrusions coupled with real-time security reporting to detect threats when they do occur.
  4. VPN: A UTM can include configuration, monitoring and maintenance of a site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  5. Content and Web-Search Filtering: A UTM will protect your data and employees from inappropriate or harmful content, while maintaining productivity and compliance with applicable business and regulatory requirements.

The Power of a UTM from a Managed Security Services Provider

Unified Threat Management: All-In-One Cybersecurity ProtectionWith a UTM operated by a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), your business can maintain a hardened and compliant security posture by monitoring and managing all aspects of your security systems. Your network and assets will be continuously protected 24x7x365 with feeds from intelligence on current and emerging threats.

With the IT threat landscape constantly evolving, it’s imperative for companies to make sure they have the skilled security talent with the IT expertise to handle any situation. By outsourcing the monitoring and management of their security systems and devices, you bring that talent onboard while freeing up your onsite IT department to handle duties central to your business mission.

When you’re ready to talk about your security needs, call us for a free two-hour consultation — no strings attached. Our expert engineers can design safeguards that are an integral part of your IT network right from the start. Together, we can develop a managed security services plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.


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Unified Threat Management: All-In-One Cybersecurity Protection
Unified Threat Management: All-In-One Cybersecurity Protection