By Erik Briceno

Should Cisco Umbrella and Meraki MR Still Be Used in 2021?

In an article we wrote as far back as 2019, we mentioned that one of the strongest tools in our arsenal was one that we ourselves at V2 Systems make use of: Cisco Umbrella. We then outlined in detail why we thought it was such a useful utility. But now that we’ve arrived in 2021, do products such as Umbrella and Meraki MR still pair up well with each other?

The short answer is yes — they absolutely do. Because Meraki MR is also technically a Cisco product these days (Meraki was actually acquired by Cisco in 2012.), it integrates seamlessly with Umbrella. They were essentially made for each other. Here’s what Meraki MR is and how Umbrella works within a Meraki network.   Read more