By Dan Lhotka

Windows XP will no longer be supported after April

Windows XP Professional is reaching End of Life status in April.  What does this mean?  Well, after April 8th 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide updates for Windows XP.  This means that security updates and fixes for the operating system will no longer be sent to XP computers.  XP will continue to run on computers past the deadline, but it will be more vulnerable to online threats as time goes on.  What’s worse is that more and more software vendors will stop supporting their products on XP after the deadline.  This includes antivirus vendors.

Microsoft has said that it will continue to supply virus definition updates to Microsoft Security Essentials.  However, just updating the definitions does not keep the computer protected.  Currently, Microsoft sends out program updates to MSE to make it more effective.  This will no longer be the case after April.


It is very important to replace any aging computers that are still running Windows XP.  To keep your network protected from external threats, and to keep things running efficiently.


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