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Your information systems are your lifeblood

Know that your information will be there when you need it.

As your information systems become larger, more complicated, and more regulated, your organization is greatly affected by information assurance strategies. Time and financial investments focused on information operations will protect and defend your information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality. Incorporating protection, detection, and reaction capabilities to restore information systems provides assurance that your information will be there when you need it.

Information Assurance

  • Risk Assessment
  • Information Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Business Continuity
  • IV&V

V2 provides the services that assure compliance and continuity

  • Assessing risks from cyber threats
  • Protecting your infrastructure against disruptions
  • Preparing for crashes and emergency recoveries
  • 24×7 automated monitoring and notification of your systems
  • Performing Independent Validation and Verification of software and systems
  • Assuring compliance with NIST/FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Bliley, and other regulations
  • Ensuring fault tolerance, redundancy, and remote access for mission critical systems
  • Instituting best practices for handling information
  • Documenting your system for fast resolution to problems

With V2 as your technology partner, have confidence

We focus on what is important to the mission of your organization. We’ll work with your assets and budgets and develop a plan that is practical and fitting. V2 establishes solutions that minimize your risks of information blackouts, data corruption, and non-compliance with regulations. Our expert engineers constantly monitor regulations for changes and keep up-to-date on the latest technologies to provide your information system users with the highest availability.

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