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V2 System's Cloud Web Security Solution

V2 Systems’ Cloud Web Security solution operates at the Internet level, intercepting viruses, spyware and other web-borne threats before they enter your network or your remote workforce. Our service also allows you to block access to inappropriate websites by URL or Categories, keeping your employees productive and compliant while enforcing acceptable use policy.

  • Protecting confidential data, streamlining costs and operational efficiencies.
  • Threats are detected before they reach your network.
  • Multi-layer scanning with multiple commercial engines.
  • Heuristics using cloud processing power.
  • Affordable, predictable costs managed as OPEX.
  • No hardware or software required.
  • Rapid deployment and automatic updates.
  • Making sure IT operations and budget are kept in line.
  • Ensuring IT department goals are in line with Corporate Goal Priorities.
  • Demonstrating solution and department security efficiency to C-level management.
  • Maintaining the operating efficiency of each department which reports to management.
  • Maintaining network efficiency, availability and security.
  • Maintaining releases and upgrades.
  • Enforcing corporate email and Web use policies.
  • Developing technical management reports representing network performance, health, activity and threat level metrics across all domains and users.

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