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Daffan Construction

R. Edward Daffan, Inc. knows firsthand the power and convenience technology provides. For decades, this established construction company has used computers to store their records and streamline redundant tasks. Eventually the systems became more of a hassle than a help. They called on V2 Systems for IT solutions. The results speak for themselves.

Constant crashes, unreliable connections and inconsistent data backups were frustrating the administrative team at Daffan. Technical problems made payroll an extended chore, and the company’s aging equipment and software was making it difficult to effectively communicate with clients, vendors and building authorities.

Daffan Construction needed an IT solution that would not only solve their current problems, but also enable them to expand their technology to enhance the efficiency of the company.

V2 Systems met with the team at Daffan to listen to their specific needs and evaluate their current IT situation. It was clear that their existing server was costing the company a lot in downtime and service bills and would need to be replaced. They also needed to have their networks reconfigured and their applications updated to meet the company’s changing demands.

V2 Systems installed a new Windows server to stabilize the network and allow for future expansion. They connected all of the office computers and provided remote management and access to the network, making it easy for the controller to connect from anywhere, anytime.

V2 recommended various existing software applications that would help the company run more securely and efficiently, then obtained and installed the requested programs. These off-the-shelf applications were as effective, but significantly less expensive than custom-made programs.

The team at R. Edward Daffan, Inc. enjoyed immediate results with the solutions V2 Systems provided. Their computers perform faster and more reliably than ever before. Crashes are non-existent. Network connectivity, both internal and external, boasts increased speed and stability. The team is now able to handle a greater workload with substantially fewer problems.

But V2 Systems did more than increase Daffan’s productivity. The solutions provided also saved them a bunch of money. Because V2 Systems are technology consultants, they don’t mark up the cost of hardware and software. And they look at the entire situation to develop a logical plan rather than offering a quick fix.

“Several people told us we needed a whole new system,” says Bill Daffan, president of R. Edward Daffan, Inc. “V2 Systems came in and offered alternatives that were less money and a lot more user friendly.”

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