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When Should You Outsource? Now.

by Erik Briceno

We’ve written numerous articles on the benefits of outsourcing before. But now, especially considering everything going on in the world, a partnership between your organization and your managed services provider ultimately frees your staff to remain focused on your vision and allows you to stay committed to fulfilling it. By partnering with an IT managed services provider, the result is a successful two-pronged strategy: a large reduction of overhead costs, as well as an increase in employee productivity.

New challenges mean new technology and more IT collaboration.

As technology continues to advance, many companies and organizations are turning to managed service providers to oversee their IT functions. If 2022 has shown us anything so far, it’s that this is especially true as enterprises face new and unique challenges throughout the remainder of the year and beyond.

According to CompTIA’s Buying Guide for Managed Services, “nearly two-thirds (64%) of organizations are using managed services for at least one IT function.”

CompTIA and the tech industry trade association found in its research that when a company adds a managed services provider, its internal IT staff is freed from routine tasks — such as running the network, applications, devices, and user help desk. The internal IT staff can still work with the managed services provider, forming a partnership that allows the business to access newer technologies in a more cost-effective way than if they were handling implementation alone.

“It elevates the IT staff and brings them out of the shadows within the organization,” which can be a highly effective move, according to Carolyn April, senior director of industry analysis at CompTIA. “I think that’s a win-win for your IT staff.”

When you’re shopping for an MSP, what you’re really looking for is a business partner.

Using a managed services provider allows the internal IT staff to focus on strategic projects, meaning those that drive revenue and further the business’ central mission.

The key to achieving that success, April said, is finding the right managed services provider. “Look for (managed services providers) that understand your business and that speak less about the technology,” April said. “I think that’s important across the board. You want a partner that can talk about business outcomes and how their services are going to help further your goals from a business perspective, not a technology perspective.”

Don’t settle for just keeping your organization afloat when you can grow it.

When Should You Outsource? Now.For many companies, outsourcing has become a central part of their growth plan. That’s because turning to a managed IT services provider can benefit a business by:

  • Reducing operating costs – Outsourcing some or all your IT functions can significantly cut hardware and software costs.
  • Improving business efficiency and productivity – Taking a proactive approach to IT issues can result in quicker access to newer technologies, such as cloud capabilities and can provide support for your remote workforce.
  • Retaining focus on core capabilities – Allowing your internal IT staff to focus on more strategic work means they’re concentrating on your mission.
  • Minimizing risks and improving security – Keeping the doors to your network and systems locked and monitored will protect against threats and create safeguards that are an integral part of your network.

But, as the CompTIA report underscored, the key to success is finding a managed services provider who understands your specific business needs and creates an IT plan to fit your unique culture.

The goal is not simply to keep your technology up and running, but to create a comprehensive plan that allows you to achieve your business objectives. Our expert engineers can design a successful IT managed services process specific to your needs. Give us a call today.

Since 1995, Manassas Park, VA-based V2 Systems has employed local systems administrators, network engineers, security consultants, help desk technicians and partnering companies to meet a wide range of clients’ IT needs, from research, to implementation, to maintenance. Concentrate on your VISION…We’ll handle the TECHNOLOGY!

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When Should You Outsource? Now.
When Should You Outsource? Now.