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Understanding the Risks of Cloud Computing: Here’s What You Need to Know

by Erik Briceno

Computer analysts consider cloud computing “the most transformative technology trend of the past decade,” so it’s no wonder it’s become “a must-have business technology.”

There are numerous advantages to using a cloud service provider to design, implement and manage your technology — which allows you to concentrate on your core vision and pursue your business objectives.

Companies of all sizes, industries and locations use the cloud. It’s become critical to business success and is now a mainstream enterprise core technology, according to market research company Forrester.

“The cloud computing juggernaut has fueled digital transformation like no other technology disruption before it,” wrote Dave Bartoletti, Forrester vice president and senior analyst.

But — you knew this was coming — there are inherent risks involved with using the cloud that you should understand and address. That’s where the expertise of a cloud managed services provider can help you stop problems before they start by addressing the risks of migrating to the cloud through risk assessment, strategy development and project planning.

In short, by relying on cloud services, you become dependent on the companies that control your access to the internet. In addition to the need to maintain that internet access, there are day-to-day risks with cloud computing.

Understanding the Risks of Cloud Computing: Here’s What You Need to KnowResearch shows these concerns break down generally into four areas:

1. Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access to, or the leak of, customer or proprietary information, poses serious potential security risks. It doesn’t matter whether the unauthorized access was intentional or accidental, because the end result could be the same.

2. Provider Risks

How well do you know your vendor? You’re exposed to the same risks as your cloud service provider, such as its incident response plan or business viability. You’ve placed the life of your business in the hands of your provider, so make sure it’s a company you can trust.

3. Compliance Risks

Many industries regulate data security, such as healthcare, banking, government and anyone that accepts credit cards — and the list of regulated industries continues to grow. It’s essential for your business to maintain compliance, even when you’re working in the cloud.

4. Technical Issues

Your provider is at the same risk for outages and other technical issues as the rest of us. These can happen to even the best cloud service provider. In addition, there is the potential for network and connectivity problems with your internet provider. Throughout these scenarios, you’ve given up a level of control that you would have retained with an in-house IT department.

Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Despite these considerations, there are numerous benefits to using the cloud: reduced capital investment, greater employee productivity, the ability to remain agile and the ability to scale easily, to name a few.

Understanding these risks underscores why it’s important to know your cloud service provider. Because of our extensive experience with cloud computing and working relationships with business clients, V2 Systems can address these concerns and deliver successful results with cloud computing solutions tailored to your business.

For government agencies and contractors, in particular, it’s essential to look for a knowledgeable team that understands how to design, build, manage, maintain and monitor specialized government cloud solutions.

Call us for a free consultation and we’ll talk about your cloud IT security needs — no strings attached. We can help you address the risks of migrating to the cloud and establish a pathway to success from risk assessment to strategy development and project planning. Our expert engineers can design safeguards that are an integral part of your IT network right from the start.

Since 1995, Manassas Park, VA-based V2 Systems has employed local systems administrators, network engineers, security consultants, help desk technicians and partnering companies to meet a wide range of clients’ IT needs, from research, to implementation, to maintenance. Concentrate on your VISION…we’ll handle the TECHNOLOGY! 

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Understanding the Risks of Cloud Computing: Here’s What You Need to Know
Understanding the Risks of Cloud Computing: Here’s What You Need to Know