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Get some one-on-one time with one of our Virtual CIOs or Technical Business Advisors. There is value to be had. The next question is, what specifically can I get for a free onsite consultation? Basically anything you want, but here are some ideas for you to consider.

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  • Managed Services – What exactly is that?
  • Cloud – How can I leverage the cloud to increase productivity and reduce costs?
  • Budget – What should I be spending on IT?
  • Risk – Where is the greatest IT risk to my business?
  • Mobility – What more can I do with mobile devices?
  • Security – How secure is my network?
  • Technology – Can technology make me more competitive?
  • Infrastructure – What is the current state of my infrastructure?
  • Life-Cycle – When should I be replacing equipment?
  • Vendors – Am I getting the most from my IT vendors?
  • Productivity – Is IT maximizing my productivity?
  • Downtime – Am I experiencing too much downtime?
  • Price Check – I just want to see if I’m getting a fair deal.

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