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An Offensive Approach to Malware Prevention

by V2 Systems

When it comes to preventing malware, there’s one key component that has more impact than any other when it comes to keeping your computer, or any device, safe: you. You don’t need expert knowledge or special training. You just need vigilance to avoid downloading and installing anything you do not understand or trust, no matter how tempting.

To avoid malware, the best defense is a good offense. In today’s blog, we’re providing a refresher on how to take a more offensive approach to malware.

Common Sense Malware Prevention

The best plan to prevent a malware infection from occurring in the first place is by following these best practices:

  1. Install antivirus software on your computer. If you’re sticking with default services such as Microsoft Defender, then make sure it’s configured correctly and always updated. The most important thing you can do is open the program, check for updates and install them.
  2. Install software updates as they occur — particularly for your operating system. Many of these patches address security issues. And again, if you are primarily using Microsoft Defender, Windows Update will patch this important security suite along with it.
  3. Don’t open emails or attachments from sources you don’t know or trust. Even if you do know the sender, be careful about opening anything you weren’t expecting.
  4. Be cautious when downloading software online by relying on reputable sites, avoiding misleading advertisements, declining additional software and understanding what your download entails.
  5. Use strong passwords. Follow common-sense rules when creating a new password, or consider using a password manager to help keep them strong and organized.

Removing Malware

Even when you take precautions, sometimes a malware attack can happen from the various threats that continuously evolve. Because each form has its own way of infecting and damaging computers and data, each requires a different removal method. Some programs can be uninstalled, but other malware can be far more complicated to remove. Malware is designed to be difficult to remove — it’s malicious, after all. This is when you need the help of an IT security expert who can monitor and respond to any security breaches.

Preventing Malware with Managed Security Services

An Offensive Approach to Malware PreventionThe dangerous cyber landscape is why it’s so important to guard against malware. Ultimately, the best protection comes from safeguards that are an integral part of your network infrastructure, software and management right from the start. Managed security services are essential for enterprises in today’s climate.

Ensuring your IT environment is safe and secure allows you to conduct business with confidence. Malware threats loom in email, cloud services and information systems. Given the advancements in cyberattacks, it’s more important than ever for businesses to shield their critical data from security threats. V2 Systems can help secure your network and protect your information.


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An Offensive Approach to Malware Prevention
An Offensive Approach to Malware Prevention