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Vernon Office Move Project

Vernon Heating and Air Conditioning, a V2 client for 5 years, was growing and running out of space. So they decided it was time to move their operations to a new location that had more room and could accommodate their growth for the foreseeable future. In addition, they needed to replace their aging, out of date firewall. They turned to V2 Systems, their managed IT service provider to help accomplish the move.

As a trusted advisor, Vernon knew the value of getting V2 involved early; we were informed 6 months prior to a potential move date. Our first step was to listen to Vernon’s needs and expectations to better understand what would be required. Then, we provided a number they could budget for as part of their Tenant Allowance and looked for any serious obstacles for a successful move. None were found.

As the move date approached, V2 conducted a site survey of Vernon’s new location to review the server room specifications, electrical requirements, cabling needs and Internet Service Provider (ISP) options. Based on our understanding of Vernon’s expectations, the site survey and review, we made specific recommendations to accomplish a smooth transition to their new office space.

Vernon is a service-based company, and heavily dependent on maintaining operations. Downtime for Vernon means lost revenues. Because of this, minimizing the downtime was a crucial requirement. With plenty of time and a logical work plan, V2 put together the team of partners to coordinate on the move project and maximizing uptime. Our team consisted of contractors, cabling, phone, ISP, IT (that’s us!) and Vernon.

Prior to the move date, several actions were taken to ensure a smooth transition; the server racks were installed, the network was cabled and punched down, Internet service was turned up, and a new firewall was setup and configured at the new location, all while the old location was still operational. Everything was tested and approved by Vernon before the move date.

On the day of the move, all of the current equipment was labeled and then powered down. All the equipment was moved to the new location, and then setup again. The phone system was moved to the new location, and the phone vendor was onsite to check the configuration in the new location and confirm that the phones were working properly. The servers, workstations, and phones started up in the new location properly.

After the move, each part of the network was tested to confirm that things were working properly. Phones, computers, servers, printers – everything functioned as it should.

Through proper planning and project management, V2 Systems was able to move Vernon to their new location smoothly. The project was completed on time, and under budget, while Vernon did not have any unexpected downtime.

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