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Scion Showroom

Kern Toyota, of Winchester, Virginia introduced the new Scion Showroom designed to bring a new type of customized vehicle to “Generation Y” and to provide a better working environment for sales.

With the launch of a new brand targeting Generation Y consumers, Toyota realized that the presentation of a new vehicle is as important as the vehicles that are introduced. The retail display environment had to immediately draw attention to the vehicle and instantly define the brand essence so that the customer makes an emotional connection with both the display environment and the design of the vehicle.

V2’s challenge was to design, purchase, install, and configure the computers, Internet and security systems as well as manage 3 different contractors in order to meet the high level of expectations of the Scion brand presentation within a 25-day deadline.

First and foremost, the Kern Toyota Scion showroom retail environment gets the brand noticed. It was engineered with the dealer and its Generation Y customers in mind, and helps facilitate the sales process. The environment consists of three distinct yet flexible showroom spaces, including a product display area, an information discovery area and a sales consultation area.

Within these spaces, a number of showroom elements were employed that effectively present product information, including a plasma screen monitor, informational kiosks, accessory displays and lifestyle graphics. These elements present “virtual” product information, even if dealership constraints don’t allow for a Toyota Scion vehicle to be displayed in the space.


Through its disciplined approach to project management, V2 Systems successfully collaborated with Scion, DCI Marketing, Toyota, Electrical Contractors, Inc., Adelphia Cable, and Kern Toyota to design and integrate the new showroom at Kern Toyota beating a 25-day deadline.

The task was to use the supplied technology guide to make decisions on integration of hardware for the showroom. The showroom is designed so that every computer is behind a firewall with content filtering, and set aside from the current dealer network for security purposes. As a result, Kern Toyota will extend its services to more generation “Y” customers by providing an interactive retail experience, while protecting the integrity of its networks.

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