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Alpha Industries File Storage Using AWS

Alpha Industries stored their critical data on a failing in-house server. In addition to the aging hardware and outdated platform, Alpha Industries was growing out of the current server and urgently needed more space and more speed.

Alpha Industries requirements included a way to store their critical business data on a platform that would grow on-demand, have a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and be easy to manage and maintain.

Alpha Industries turned to V2 Systems, their primary IT provider, to develop a strategy that would suit their requirements.

We considered traditional solutions such as in-house servers, NAS, and SAN solutions. However, each of those solutions would not be easily scalable, and would soak up costly IT management time in order to ensure proper operation.

We proposed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 product with EBS volumes. Automatic configuration files provided by AWS VPC product were leveraged to configure a site-to-site VPN between our Juniper SSG firewall edge equipment and the AWS infrastructure. We then created the EC2 infrastructure, connected the required EBS volumes, joined the server to the Alpha Industries Active Directory domain, and shared the information with all the users.

EBS Snapshots are used to keep daily backups of the information. When a user mistakenly infected the EBS volume with ransomware, the AWS snapshot was employed and the data was rolled back to the previous day. Users were back to work within 4 hours with all their data intact.

Since implementation, the storage amount has been increased several times with negligible downtime involved. Further, IT management and support costs have been minimized, lowering the TCO for storing their critical data.

V2 Systems is a Amazon Web Services AWS APN Certified Consulting Partner and Authorized Reseller. Amazon Web Services (AWS) pricing is estimated using the Simple Monthly Calculator. Pricing generally starts at $250 per month and is month-to-month for basic deployments.

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