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by Dan Lhotka


I do what I do to help people.  I enjoy using my knowledge and ability to help other people with their computers.  It is the fundamental reason why I work in the career I do.  However, I am always frustrated by my inability to help everyone, or provide basic knowledge to help people use their computer better.  I have always entertained ideas of creating something like a newsletter to help educate people, so they have less problems working with computers, and can do basic things to help rectify problems.  Unfortunately, I never have really had the time nor forum in which to put this computer advice.  Until now.

As part of an effort to help promote V2 Systems and develop a better web presence, I will be posting information to our website that will help users with their computers.  Eventually, I will have an email address where you can send questions to that I will address in the newsletter.  I would like this newsletter to be a monthly kind of thing, but we will see how it goes.  With that said, here we go!


Dan Lhotka
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