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14 Ways an IT Consultant Can Keep Your Business from Going Under

by Erik Briceno

Whether your organization is large or small, government or private, the threats remain the same. As technology progresses, so do the variety of those threats to your IT environment and sensitive information. They’re real, and they can have quite significant consequences for your bottom line.

There’s a lot to manage when it comes to IT. This includes:

  • Thwarting rogue hackers, corporate saboteurs, vandals and nation-state threat actors
  • Preventing viruses, spyware and malware
  • Complying with government regulations and corporate requirements

This is where an IT security consultant comes in — to assess every element of your IT operations, including software, computer systems and networks for vulnerabilities.

Once that evaluation is complete, they’ll design and implement the best security solutions for each organization’s needs. They draw on their expertise of databases, networks, hardware, firewalls and encryption. They’ll also play the role of both the attacker and the victim, so they can locate and address your vulnerabilities.

Proactively Lock Your Doors

As the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. In the IT world, that means the best protection comes from safeguards that are an integral part of your network infrastructure, software and management right from the start.

In other words, keep the doors to your network and systems locked and monitored at all times. That’s what an IT consultant helps you do – secure your network and protect your information.

Size Doesn’t Matter

If you think IT security is only an issue for big business, think again. About two-thirds of all cyberattacks are now aimed at small businesses. In fact, cyberattacks on small businesses are more common than many think, with more than two-thirds (67%) of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees having experienced a cyberattack and 58% having experienced a breach, according to a report from the Ponemon Institute.

The same report also found that 60% of small businesses could go out of business due to damages associated with a cyberattack. It’s also worth noting that this report was made before the pandemic. With more employees staying home and businesses suffering, the danger to your bottom line is more prevalent than ever. Remote work security can be especially challenging.

14 Reasons for IT Consultation

14 Ways an IT Consultant Can Keep Your Business from Going UnderTaking the steps necessary to prevent that kind of situation is prudent — and surprisingly simple. Here’s what an IT security consultant can do for you:

  1. Analyze every aspect of your IT network security and assess your risks.
  2. Use that assessment to develop best-practice security policies and procedures specific to your organization.
  3. Build and manage the firewalls needed to maintain security.
  4. Provide round-the-clock automated monitoring of IT systems, including incident response.
  5. Install and manage a variety of network solutions such as a virtual private network (VPN) or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
  6. Provide secure remote access for employees, clients and partners.
  7. Review your wireless security for vulnerabilities and address them.
  8. Secure your email systems.
  9. Protect against unwanted online spam.
  10. Help your organization avoid hackers or malware.
  11. Filter internet content for unwanted or objectionable content.
  12. Update firmware to ensure systems are running correctly.
  13. Conduct penetration tests to evaluate an IT system’s current state of security.
  14. Conduct threat analysis to remain proactive against potential cyber threats.

Years of providing security solutions have helped us build a team of professionals with in-depth experience in government and industry applications. We’re here to make your IT environment safe and secure, so you can conduct your business with confidence. Our expert engineers can design a successful IT managed services process specific to your needs.


Since 1995, Manassas Park, VA-based V2 Systems has employed local systems administrators, network engineers, security consultants, help desk technicians and partnering companies to meet a wide range of clients’ IT needs, from research, to implementation, to maintenance. Concentrate on your VISION…We’ll handle the TECHNOLOGY!

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14 Ways an IT Consultant Can Keep Your Business from Going Under
14 Ways an IT Consultant Can Keep Your Business from Going Under